Wow. Where to start for this one. 2020 has been INSANe so far this year… global pandemic, murder hornets (?), riots, cultural awareness, black lives matter. There’s been a whole heck of a lot to process, understand, learn, and opportunities to grow.

This post is special for me as it is my genuine pleasure to announce my first wide release, cross platform single!!! Gypsy Heart is available wherever you stream music on July 3rd, 2020– There has been an incredible amount of work put into this track and I am so immensely excited to get it out.

This track is really personal to me and is one that I needed to release to both start the creative journey of my upcoming EP (yes it’s in the works), as well as get this tracks message off my chest. It’s a story of a runaway, of a Gypsy Heart, or myself. I hope you can both relate to the message as well as appreciate the musicality that (admittedly) took a ton of planning and work. Also, as in my case, hit the freeway, roll the windows down, and let it rip!!! By far that’s my favorite way to listen cause it’s a JAAAMMMM!

Whew! It has been a hot minute since I last updated this blog. Been a crazy past few months to say the least… Got the Coronavirus Pandemic, almost all shows cancelled, and live music becoming almost officially extinct. Starting on the upswing though so things are starting to look promising!

A couple days ago me and the producer I’m working with finished the mix on what will be my first multi-platform single: Gypsy Heart. I’m super ridiculously excited about this one and really looking forward to getting it out there and seeing how you all respond. I can guarantee it’s unlike anything else currently being released, one hundred percent original, and pretty personal to myself as well. It’s a song that I needed to release before moving on with some more… let’s say commercially viable options. But set down the date! 7.3.2020 – July 3rd, 2020 Gypsy Heart will become available on all platforms. The plan is to have a lyric video uploaded to YouTube to accompany it as well at the outset and then hopefully shoot a full music video to be released perhaps 6-8 weeks after. We’ll see how all that goes.

In other news here in Nashville life has slowed down tremendously due to the COVID Crisis. Still managing to write a lot and even getting a few virtual co-writes in, but focusing primarily on my own music to be released. We’ve already started pre-production on what should be my 2nd wide single release… And that one’s gonna be a hit. Lol, well I hope it is… 🙂

Anyways, that’s it for now… Cheers to you all thanks for reading and hope you’re doing well!

Well it’s certainly been a hot minute since I last updated ya’ll on my journey. My “New Beginnings” adventure has reached it’s next chapter as of August 5th, 2019 — I moved to Nashville, Tennessee! Wildly excited to be living in and participating at the music capital of the world. Life is craaaaaazy busy here… I’m averaging about 4-5 hours of sleep a night but worth it one hundred percent.

Some of the highlights are meeting so many incredibly talented people even in my few short weeks here. That “southern hospitality” is alive and well folks! Anyways I’ve been working almost non-stop since I arrive to establish myself within the music scene and make connections with as many people as I possibly can. One fella I run into all the time (also a ridiculously talented singer-songwriter) asked me how my “Networking Blitz” was going. He wasn’t wrong… I’m quite literally everywhere. Some nights visiting up to four venues a night to support my friends and make new ones. Building relationships has never been so fulfilling.

Anyways alright… There’s my update! Thanks so much for reading and keeping up with me and my music and if you’re around the area make sure to jump over to the Upcoming Shows page! I’ve got a number of Songwriter Rounds I have the honor of participating in with quite a number more in the works!

Cheers to you all and God Bless!

UPDATE: show is canceled for yellow Bike coffee.

Thank you to everyone who was interested and stay tuned for more info!

– – – – – – – –

Yes, there is still a show tonight at Yellow Bike Coffee in Duluth, MN

The most inopportune timing of bad weather in my recent memory but what can you do? This is Minnesota… and even as Prince one said yes, “Sometimes in snows in April.”

I’ll attach that video here cause we need a little pick me up.

Regardless, hope ya’ll will still be able to make it tonight! Stay safe and Stay Minnesota Strong!!

As a prelude to my upcoming shows throughout both Duluth and the Twin Cities of Minnesota. I’ve released a promo video of one of my favorite songs “Tennessee” The video is up on YouTube or available Here at the Media center of my site!


It was shot and put together by a good friend of my Caelan Mars who works out of Duluth, MN! He’s quite talented and if you ever get the chance to work with him do it!

One last note: Another show has been added to the roster in St. Paul, MN — Things are moving!

This Is Where We Begin.

Well it’s starting… I feel a bit like Winston Churchill in his famous speech concerning the Normandy Invasion- “We are about to embark upon a great crusade. The eyes of the world are upon you…” Okay, so perhaps not yet… but soon. So if you’re reading this and even mildly amused about my music or perhaps seeing me perform just sign up for my newsletter and follow me on social media! As I continue along this career path (hopefully) you’ll see a higher level of content, as well as opportunities for exclusive stuff I have in the works! Super exciting so if you want to ride along with me let’s go!

Super excited to share my music with you all, and I hope you enjoy what you hear! If you do… Make sure to share!