Chapter 2 | Nashville

Well it’s certainly been a hot minute since I last updated ya’ll on my journey. My “New Beginnings” adventure has reached it’s next chapter as of August 5th, 2019 — I moved to Nashville, Tennessee! Wildly excited to be living in and participating at the music capital of the world. Life is craaaaaazy busy here… I’m averaging about 4-5 hours of sleep a night but worth it one hundred percent.

Some of the highlights are meeting so many incredibly talented people even in my few short weeks here. That “southern hospitality” is alive and well folks! Anyways I’ve been working almost non-stop since I arrive to establish myself within the music scene and make connections with as many people as I possibly can. One fella I run into all the time (also a ridiculously talented singer-songwriter) asked me how my “Networking Blitz” was going. He wasn’t wrong… I’m quite literally everywhere. Some nights visiting up to four venues a night to support my friends and make new ones. Building relationships has never been so fulfilling.

Anyways alright… There’s my update! Thanks so much for reading and keeping up with me and my music and if you’re around the area make sure to jump over to the Upcoming Shows page! I’ve got a number of Songwriter Rounds I have the honor of participating in with quite a number more in the works!

Cheers to you all and God Bless!