Note About the Biz: A Win for Songwriters

Well hello all! This post is gonna be a little bit heady as it’s more about the biz of the music industry and songwriting in particular… But if you’re a brave soul read on!

This past week on August 31st, 2022 the Wall Street Journal printed the news of an agreement between streaming services (such as Spotify, iTunes, etc) and publishers to increase the compensation paid out for mechanical royalties… Basically what that means is Songwriters can earn more money from their recorded work when you stream music (like we all do constantly) basically anywhere. This is great news considering how most of the streaming services got to be the giants they are today on the backs of Artists and Songwriters work while simultaneously paying them as little as legally possible… and by legally I mean the laws governing streaming were few and scarce up until recently as the entire business only came to be within the past 20 years.

Thus this new agreement is an exciting step in the right direction! For the Wall Street Journal piece in it’s entirety click here: Songwriters and Music Publishers to be Paid More by Streaming Services

Thanks to you (yes you!) for reading and following along with me on this crazy musical journey! See ya soon!